Courses & Pricing – Vancouver, Burnaby

Winter Courses November thru February

At our Vancouver Training Location. Next course starts Saturday, January 13th!

November through February, Urban Rider offers Small Group Lessons with a maximum of 3 riders.

Location: Trev Deeley Motorcycles, 1875 Boundary Rd. Vancouver. MAP

vancouver training location
Minimum 9 Hours Skills Training

Our Winter Parking Lot Training Sessions running from 10am to 4pm on Sundays followed by traffic training and road test training with convenient options for evenings, weekdays and Saturdays.

Learn to use a clutch, balance a motorcycle at low speeds, and stop quickly and safely.

Choose from:
Honda Groms (125cc)
Dual Sports (200cc, 250cc, 411cc)
Honda CB300F

Heated Grips on All Road Test Bikes and some Parking Lot Bikes

Courses go ahead rain or shine, but may be postponed/rescheduled if conditions are unsafe (snow/ice/frost)

Minimum 3 Hours Street Training

3 hour class on the Streets of Vancouver and Burnaby, with an option to book additional training sessions if needed. Learn the strategies and habits that will keep you safe, and that will help you to pass the road test.

Calendar will be posted on December 1st
+ 5 Hour Classroom

+Flex time tailored to YOUR needs.

– 9 Hours Parking Lot
– 3 Hours Street
– 2 Hour Bike Rental (after passing MST)
– 5 Hour Classroom Session
+ Additional Flex Hours for training as per individual needs.

*4 hour classroom session on the strategies of safe riding is offered once every six weeks in the winter months. This class also covers all aspects of the ICBC motorcycle road test.

+ Bike Provided for MST and Road Test

Motorbikes, Raingear, Helmets and Gloves Provided for All Classes & Tests.

Small Group “Learn To Ride” Courses
SFU Motorcycle Classes on Winter Break

20 hours of Training.

Motorcycles and safety gear provided. 

Next class – March 2nd 2024  5 students max. for skills training in our 1 acre parking lot (this means increased safety and no waiting in line for your turn to practice!)
– 13 hours of skills training included
– Additional MST (skills) training as needed* at no extra cost
3 students maximum per class for road training
– 3 hour road training class included
– 4 hour classroom on how to stay safe in urban/city riding and how to pass your road test
– Safety gear provided (helmets and gloves)
– Motorcycles provided for all training and both ICBC tests
– ICBC Road Test Booking Support (earlier test dates available)
– Additional motorcycle rental at discounted rate (from $80/day or $20/hr.)
– Option to retake classroom session at no additional cost
– Option to retake parking lot training (13 hours) at discounted rate ($200)
– Option for additional traffic class training at discounted rate of $80 per 3 hour class on a school bike or $60 on your own bike.

2024 Registration Opens on Dec. 1st

Classes run Friday thru Sunday in Burnaby:

– Classroom: Fridays at 6pm, 3701 Hastings (at Boundary)
– Motorcycle Training: Sat/Sun from 11am to 5:30pm at SFU Burnaby
– Flexible scheduling of traffic classes and road test training

A 41 Second Glimpse into the weekend training at SFU

Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 5:30pm, the practical training happens at SFU on top of Burnaby Mountain.

Prerequisites and Notes Regarding ICBC Tests

There are 3 tests that ICBC requires on the road to obtaining a full class 6 motorcycle license. You must obtain your motorcycle learners license at ICBC before taking this, or any motorcycle course. This is done by taking the motorcycle knowledge test at any ICBC licensing office. 

Step 2 is the MST (Motorcycle Skills Test).  
The MST is not conducted by the school at this time. After the course, we will deliver the training bike to ICBC for your test. The MST is a FREE test that takes 10 minutes in the ICBC parking lot. A school motorcycle is provided for the test and for all training. 

Step 3 is the road test. This course will teach you the secrets (skills and habits!) of the road test and will provide a motorcycle for the test . We will also help book you an early road test, as soon as you are ready                 


Smaller Class Sizes Simply Work Better.

Safe. Effective. Skill Building at Your Own Pace.

Our training lot at SFU on Burnaby Mountain…

… is comparable in size to those used by motorcycle schools that are teaching 12 to 15 riders at the same time. Small group classes guarantee more personal attention from your coaches and minimal wait times for the motorcycle drills, whereas larger classes may mean longer lineups and less actual practice.

Once the parking lot training is complete, schools typically take riders out on the road in groups of 5. In our experience, an instructor can effectively manage 3 students on a street ride, in staggered formation. Three students at a time for traffic classes means you are less likely to get separated from the class at yellow/red lights, making for a safer environment and more effective coaching.

And for the final lesson, just before your road test, we have developed an extremely effective system to prepare you for the road test. All road test lessons are private and recorded on video for you to review afterwards.

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Urban Rider SFU Training Lot

Register for the Urban Rider “Learn to Ride” Course

50% of course fee is due at time of booking and the balance due 30 days prior to your course start date. Free cancellation up to 30 days before your course. For cancellation policies, please read:

Payment is accepted by e-transfer, credit card or paypal.

$960 || View Schedule / Book Now

This Course Includes: – Use of school motorcycles for all parts of course
– Use of school safety gear (helmet and gloves), balaclavas provided
– 4 hours of classroom time (two classes) covering strategies for city riding and tips to pass your road test
– 13 hours of skills training in the large north parking lot at SFU
– 3 hours of training on the street, led by an instructor, starting on quiet residential roads
– Private road test lesson
– 2 Hour Bike Rental included, and then discounted rental rates
– Access to our large video library of practice road tests instruction
– Use of school bike for MST and ROAD TEST

Please note that this course includes delivery of a motorcycle to ICBC for the MST. The MST is NOT given as part of the course. In January 2023, Urban Rider applied to ICBC for certification as a testing facility. The application process will take a minimum of 6 months. Upon successful completion of a pilot course, Urban Rider intends to include the MST/MSA as part of the course. Until such a time, we will book your MST at ICBC in Burnaby on your behalf, and deliver a motorcycle to the testing facility at the time of your appointment.


6 HOURS CLASSROOM/ Learn the theory of Safe Riding for Life

Start in the classroom, learning the strategies of safe riding from an instructor with over 700,000 kms of riding experience.

The first class (3.5 hours) focussing on the psychology and habits of safe riding. The second class is about the dynamics of riding, strategies for safe riding on city streets and what you need to know to prepare for and pass your road test. 

Classroom sessions are offered on various dates and in various locations. See the class schedule for specific options for the course of your choosing.

For students who plan to take the MST at an ICBC location, or have already completed the MST and are preparing for the road test, the first classroom session is optional. For students enrolling the pilot course or courses with the MSA included, both classroom sessions must be completed prior to starting the parking lot training.



Skills training takes place in the parking lot at SFU Burnaby on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 5:30pm.

View Schedule / Book Now



A 3 hour traffic class (guided introduction to riding on the street) – Tuesday mornings or evenings – held throughout the year.

A 2 hour semi-private road test lesson, or a 1 hour private road test lesson to prepare you for your final test.

This course also includes early road test booking dates. The road test  can be scheduled at your convenience.

Discounted Bike Rentals Available for Graduates

MST Training

This class is designed specifically to help you pass your ICBC motorcycle skills test and is run by a qualified ICBC Certified Motorcycle Skills Assessment Officer.
If you have never ridden a motorcycle before, please consider signing up for a Learn-to-Ride course.

MST Training

ICBC Motorcycle Skills Test Training.

This course is for riders with previous riding experience. 
Prior to taking this course you must possess a motorcycle learners license and be able to ride a motorcycle at low speeds, including use a clutch and balance with both feet on the pegs.

This is a small group class with maximum of 4 students. Each rider gets their own bike and gear is provided.


I went from never been on a motorcycle to fully licensed in barely over two months. John started with the right steps, avoiding bad habits, and working the extra mile to build my confidence on the bike. From MST practice to road driving, John had the patience to slow my impatience. The video and accurate comments on the road test practices are definitely worth it. His knowledge, skills and dedication to motivate and to have you to fall in love for riding. If you are looking to get your motorcycle license, Urban Rider Motorcycle School definitely worth your first call. Thanks John for making this dream come true to me.

Raul S.

Booked John for a Road Test Prep a week before my exam date. At our meeting spot, he took time to talk me through the test categories in great detail and asked what my weak spots were (shoulder checks). We then did the mock test ride and John was providing directions and feedback as we rode. He pointed out several actions I needed to be focused on. He later emailed me a summary of the session. The next week – I passed! My weak spots were my strong points! I don’t think I would have passed without his session. I highly recommend John and his School services.

David E.

John is a fantastic teacher! I attended another motorcycle school beforehand and didn’t have the best learning experience there. The private lessons with John were a completely different story – he helped me gain confidence on the bike, and empowered me to not be afraid of riding and to enjoy it. His attention to detail and practical step-by-step tips were very helpful – I never felt overwhelmed and really appreciated his approach of gradually working on different things. He also provided videos after our lessons so I could review and analyze my riding. Would definitely recommend John to anyone who is looking to get a solid riding foundation!

Private Motorcycle Lessons - Student Reviews - Christie
Christie W.

I used to have a license back in my country, but I had very little experience riding, and hadn’t been on a motorcycle for almost 6 years. I felt like I had to start from zero because I was not confident in my skills. I also used to get very nervous every time I was riding.
I had 3 classes with John and passed on my first try!!! It was great to have one-on-one training, it made me save time and money to focus exactly on the things I needed to learn.
I couldn’t recommend him more.

priscila passes the icbc motorcycle road test

Join the Urban Rider Skills Academy

Skills Clinic – August 20th 11am to 3pm

11am to 3pm – 4 hours of drills and coaching on your own bike $99 at SFU Burnaby.

– All licensed riders welcome
– Low risk – no hard outer boundaries or time limits
– Low speed drills and medium speed drills
– Emergency maneuvers
– Obstacle avoidance
– Braking

*No excessively loud bikes please (stock exhaust ok, but no bikes with baffles removed)

Rental bikes available (for Urban Rider graduates only – $50 rental fee)

Skills Clinic – Register

Motorcycle Skills Test FAQ
What is the MST/MSA?

There are 3 parts to getting a motorcycle license in BC. The first is the KNOWLEDGE TEST, the second is the MST/MSA and the third is the ROAD TEST.

MST is short for Motorcycle Skills Test. MSA is short for Motorcycle Skills Assessment.

They are the same test. The only difference is where you take it. The MST is a free, 10 minute test offered at ICBC in the parking lot. The MSA is the same test, but administered by certified motorcycle schools at the end of the parking lot training session. 

Taking the MSA at a motorcycle school is convenient. There is no need to make a separate trip to ICBC for the test, but either way, it is the same test, held to the same standard.  We will book your free MST test at ICBC on the Monday immediately following the weekend skills training, or if you can’t make that date, then we will book a convenient date/time and give you an additional hour of MST specific training 1 or 2 days before your test and deliver a motorcycle to ICBC for your test.

The MST/MSA has two parts. The first part can be seen by clicking the video link below.


I signed up for Urban rider’s course having never even rode a moped. John was a fantastic instructor and got me up and running in no time. I felt ready and confident (albeit a bit nervous) for both my MST and road test. His years of riding and extensive knowledge of both tests helps you know how to quickly refine your habits and skills. If you’re on the fence about learning to ride, I highly recommend it and John is the man who can help you get there and feel safe and confident doing it.

jason training for motorcycle skills test
Jason L.

Google Reviews

John is an excellent teacher, and if you’re searching for a private motorcycle school you should absolutely send him a message. He helped me build confidence in the specific areas I was having trouble with, and was always very patient and kind. I had a lot of fun learning and I’m confident with the skills he taught me I have a solid, safe foundation to begin riding on now that I have my license. If you don’t have a bike of your own, he will let you borrow his teaching bikes all the way through as well. I went from zero experience to fully licensed, highly recommended.

Garrett fully licensed class 6 motorcycle
Garret R.

Google Reviews

*Calm, knowledgeable and professional*
Step 1 completed – passed the skills test (1st try…. never ridden bike with clutch before)
There was no way I would have passed this without the guidance and advice given by John. His tone of voice keeps you calm even though there’s tons of things running through your head.
Next goal….. ROAD TEST. and I’ll continue to use John until we accomplish that goal.

ej - passed my motorcycle skills test - next step road test

Google Reviews

Intro to Motorcycle Riding $360

Final Class of 2023 Season: Sunday Nov. 19th!

A 6 hour class designed for absolute beginners!

Learn to ride a motorcycle in a fun and safe environment.

Our Intro to Riding class lets you try out motorcycle riding, guided by licensed instructors in a closed circuit parking lot.

Small, easy to handle motorcycles provided. Helmets and gloves provided.

*Please ensure that you have a motorcycle learner’s license before enrolling in this course. Info here.

This one day class focuses on the fundamentals of riding, starting with clutch control, balance and how to turn a motorcycle.

Maximimum 3 students at our Vancouver Training Location – 1875 Boundary Rd.

This class would make a great gift idea for that friend who is on the fence about riding.

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jason training for motorcycle skills test
learntoride gromstyle
grom training
super skills

Pass your ICBC Motorcycle Road Test

Choose from our Road Test packages in the section below or read more about why professional road test lessons will make the difference on your test day.

ICBC Motorcycle Road Test Prep Packages

Passing your ICBC Road Test on the first try requires good riding habits.  Learn what the examiners are looking for, and get important feedback on how your riding habits can affect the outcome of your road test.

All Road Test Packages are Private Lessons – 1 on 1 with an Instructor.

All road test lessons are taught in Burnaby.

5% GST will be added to prices at checkout

“I booked a lesson with John before taking my class 6 test in Burnaby and am so glad that I did. The lesson was such good value for what he provided in instruction and the video with commentary. Watching the video was really helpful for preparing for the test in the days leading up to it. I took the test today and can say that his lesson was a huge part in me getting a pass. Thanks John!!” ~ Neil B.

+  SCHOOL MOTORCYCLE for road test


*plus gst

2 x 1 Hour Lessons + Road Test Bike

View Calendar


  • 60 Minute Lesson
  • + Video with Commentary
  • 60 Minute Mock Test
  • Road Test Bike Rental

Road test bike rentals are typically only available for tests at the Burnaby ICBC. If your test is in a different location, please call us to discuss options.


This package includes the use of a Honda CB300F, Suzuki Marauder or Royal Enfield Himalayan 400 for your lessons and road test.

on your own MOTORbike


*plus gst

2 x 1 Hour Lessons

View Calendar


  • 60 Minute Lesson
  • + Video with Commentary
  • 60 Minute Mock Test


“Hi John, your session was extremely valuable and insightful, with your instructor skills surpassing those I have experienced before.”  
~David E. (April 9, 2021)

1 lesson
on your own MOTORbike


*plus gst

60 Minutes

View Calendar


  • 60 Minute Lesson
  • + Video with Commentary



“I had my road test today and passed!  ‘Good observation over all’ was the note.  Thank you for your session. I don’t think I would have passed without it.”

4 hour Bike rental for
ICBC road test


*plus gst

$500 Security Deposit Required
No additional charges for gas/insurance/mileage etc.


  • Honda CB300F with ABS
  • Royal Enfield Himalayan 411cc with ABS

Road test bike rentals are picked up at 3740 Dominion Street, Burnaby and must be returned to the same location after your test.

Honda CB300F Road Test Bike



*plus gst

4 Hour Classroom Session: Strategies for Safe City Riding and How to Pass your Road Test


  • Why riders crash
  • Why drivers collide with motorcycles
  • Strategies for Safe Riding in Urban Environments
  • How to Pass the ICBC Motorcycle Road Test
View Calendar / Register

Returning Riders

Tune up classes for those with a license, returning to riding.

We start with an overview of the habits of safe riding and then head to the parking lot to practice handling the motorcycle with skill. 

This class is suitable for riders of any level. 

Questions? Contact Us

Train with us & 
find your limits

Skills Upgrade Classes Starting in April.

Skills degrade over the winter. Get rid of your rust before the riding season starts!