Motorcycle Lessons Victoria

Island Rider Victoria Motorcycle Training

– No previous experience necessary.
– Bikes and gear provided.
– 12 hours of skills training.
– Focus on the fundamentals!


– 2 lessons
– Motorcycle provided for your road test.
– Video of your first lesson included.

MST Training & Bike Rental 

– 2 Hour Class
– Bike Delivered to Langford ICBC
– Coaching by an ICBC Certified Motorcycle Skills Assessment Officer

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Training Location:

4001 Seymour Place, Victoria
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Our advantage is small class sizes.

We offer parking lot / skills training for groups of 6 and traffic classes for groups of 1 to 3

Why small groups? In the parking lot, students can feel overwhelmed in larger groups, and instructors can struggle to give individualized attention. On the street, groups of more than 3 students can prove challenging for the instructor. 




  • 12 hours of skills training
  • Bike delivered to ICBC for MST
  • Free re-testing if needed
  • Helmet, Gloves, Bike supplied



  • 12 Hours of Skills Training
  • Bike delivered to ICBC for the MST
  • Additional MST training as needed
  • 90 minute private traffic class OR 3 hour group traffic class
  • 60 minute road test lesson
  • Bike for road test
  • Helmet, Gloves, Bike supplied

MST training and bike rental

– 2 hour training session on an MST track
– Motorcycle delivered to ICBC (Langford location) for your MST
– Coaching by ICBC Certified Motorcycle Skills Assmt. Officer

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ICBC Motorcycle Road Test Lessons and Motorcycle Rentals in Victoria

Learn the ‘secrets’ of the ICBC motorcycle road test and pass your class 6 or 8 road test in Greater Victoria. 

Take private lessons on your own bike, or on ours.
Kawasaki KLX250 Supermoto, Honda CB300F with ABS or Royal Enfield Himalayan 411cc with ABS available.

All of our road test bikes have heated grips for warm hands in cold weather riding!

Single Lesson: 75 minute lesson on your own bike $145
Video provided of entire lesson!

1 lesson on Your Own Motorbike $145

2 Lessons + Bike for Road Test $345
Video provided of first lesson!

2 Lessons + School Bike for Road Test $345


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Prepare for your ICBC motorcycle road test with expert instruction.

Meet Your Instructor

All road test lessons in southern Vancouver Island are taught by Urban Rider’s lead instructor. John has taught over 2,500 students to ride motorcycles and specializes in teaching road safety, including the habits required to pass the road test. Read John’s bio.


Private Lesson – 75 minutes
– Video of your ride
– Student leads, instructor follows giving directions through the radio (just like ICBC does during the road test)
– Coaching provided regarding speed control, lane position, observation skills and steering.


Rent a motorcycle for your road test.  Regular rate is $150, or $80 as an add-on to a lesson. 

Rental rate includes fuel and insurance. No additional costs*

* +5% GST. Renter must sign agreement accepting responsibility for damages to motorcycle up to a maximum of $500. 

Small Group Motorcycle Class

Urban Rider is now offering private and small group motorcycle lessons in Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island.

Private road test lessons and small group beginner lessons, maximum 3 students in the parking lot and also maximum 3 for the introduction to traffic lessons. Start in the classroom, learning the strategies for safe urban riding and the secrets of the ICBC motorcycle road test. Then move to the parking lot to learn the fundamentals of motorcycle control and practice the skills required to breeze through the MST (motorcycle skills test). Then head out on the road with an experienced instructor, getting comfortable with riding in traffic, and practicing for your class 6 road test.

Why Ride?

Learning to ride a motorcycle can be an exhilarating and liberating experience and there’s no better place to ride than Vancouver Island. 
There are lot’s of great reasons to learn to ride a motorcycle. Here are a few: Freedom of Travel: Motorcycles offer a unique sense of freedom on the road. You can navigate through traffic more easily, find parking spots more readily, and enjoy an unobstructed 360-degree view of your surroundings.

Community: Bikers often speak about the strong sense of community among riders. Whether it’s a nod on the road or attending large meetups, motorcycle enthusiasts share a bond and camaraderie that’s unique to the biking world.

Cost-Effective: Motorcycles are often more fuel-efficient than cars and can be less expensive to purchase and maintain. They can be a cost-effective option for commuting and travel, especially in urban environments where distances are short, and traffic is heavy.

Adventure and Travel: Riding a motorcycle can turn any trip into an adventure. It’s a different way to experience and interact with the environment, whether you’re on a long road trip or just a short ride in the countryside.

Skill Development: Learning to ride a motorcycle is also about learning a new skill, which can be fulfilling in its own right. It improves your balance, reflexes, and attention to road conditions, making you a more skilled and aware driver, even when you’re in a car.

Mental Health: Many riders find motorcycling to be a great stress-reliever. The focus required to ride safely allows you to clear your mind of the day’s concerns and be truly present in the moment, providing a sense of calm and enjoyment.

Before you decide, remember that riding a motorcycle requires a commitment to safety, including proper training, licensing, and gear. But for many, the rewards of riding outweigh the risks. It’s not just a mode of transportation; it’s a passion and a lifestyle. If these aspects resonate with you, then learning to ride might just be a fulfilling endeavor.

If you’re thinking of learning to ride a motorcycle in Victoria, make sure you check out Urban Rider Motorcycle School!

Why learn to ride?