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Private, Semi-Private & Small Group Motorcycle Lessons in Vancouver and Victoria

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L E A R N   T O   R I D E

Urban Rider is a BC Motorcycle Driving School specializing in small group motorcycle lessons in Vancouver and Victoria.

Learn from an experienced & licensed instructor & ICBC Certified Motorcycle Skills Assessment Officer.
Become a tactician of urban riding! Starting in the classroom and then in the parking lot and finally onto the streets. Motorcycle riding instruction using safe and proven techniques. City riding does not need to be a gamble. You can learn the strategies, techniques and habits to take the risk out of riding.

Learn the secrets of the ICBC motorcycle road test. Learn to ride with more confidence and enjoyment on our motorbikes or your own. 

Our motorbikes have heated handlebar grips and windshields for your comfort in any weather conditions.

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Why Urban Rider?

Why choose Urban Rider Motorcycle School? Our focus is on mastering the art of city riding…



Learn on your own, or learn with a friend! Motorcycle lessons tailored to your needs and your schedule. You won’t get lost in a crowd at Urban Rider Motorcycle School.



Starting in the parking lot, learn the fundamental skills of riding a motorcycle in a safe environment, then moving out onto quiet streets, and eventually into traffic, led by an experienced instructor. Motorcycle riding made safe AND fun!



We prepare riders for the ICBC motorcycle road test. In doing so, we are also preparing you for urban riding. Safe riding for life requires a balance of riding skills and good habits.


ICBC Motorcycle Licensing

Getting your motorcycle license in BC involves several steps. To help prepare for these steps, ICBC offers the following two books/pdfs: LEARN TO RIDE SMART and TUNING UP FOR RIDERS.

Download the books here:


3 Steps to Your Motorcycle License…

1. Knowledge Test

The first step towards getting your motorcycle license is to pass the knowledge test. Start by reading the eBooks above. The knowledge test includes general driving questions, plus questions about signs, lines and rules of the road. It also includes motorcycle specific questions. There is no online practice test, and unofficial practice motorcycle knowledge tests that you might find online from other jurisdictions are no substitute for reading the ICBC learn to ride book.

What to expect (ICBC Website)

2. ICBC Motorcycle Skills Test (MST)

The second step is to pass the skills test on the motorcycle. This can be done, at no cost, by booking an appointment at an ICBC testing location such as the Burnaby ICBC at 3880 Lougheed Highway (not all ICBC locations offer motorcycle testing).

Even experienced riders can fail the test. Click the button below to book motorcycle lessons with an expert riding instructor in Vancouver or Burnaby. Don’t have a bike for the test?  Use one of ours!  If you book lessons with Urban Rider, we can also look after booking your motorcycle skills test for you.

MST Coaching & Bike Rental

3. ICBC Motorcycle Road Test

The class 6 motorcycle road test is the final and most challenging step. Your ICBC examiner is looking for you to demonstrate your ability to follow the rules of the road and navigate your motorcycle safely in traffic. Good riding habits are important. We offer motorcycle road test lessons, as well as mock road tests to help you prepare, and bike rentals (for students only) for your ICBC road test.  We will even give you a video of your mock test, with commentary throughout, so that you can watch it at home and then work on correcting your habits before your test. For an overview of how to pass your ICBC motorcycle road test, read our overview of the road test here.

icbc motorcycle road test

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