Road Test Practice | Mock Road Test, Your Own Bike, Video of Ride with Commentary Provided

Have your own bike and experience riding? If you feel that you are ready for your road test, but want feedback on your riding habits and tips to help pass the road test, this lesson is for you.

We start with a discussion of the expectations of the road test examiners and an overview of how the road test will be conducted, the marking criteria, and the main reasons for failure.

Then we head out on the road for a mock road test. You will be on your bike and the instructor follows behind you, communicating by radio (this is the same way that ICBC conducts the actual motorcycle road tests). We’ll instruct you to turn left, turn right, merge onto the freeway, etc. About half way through the lesson, we’ll ask you to do a u-turn on a side street. Often, at this time, the instructor will approach you to discuss any bad habits that you might want to correct. The ride continues, with side streets and school and playground zones.

At the end of the mock test, we’ll spend about ten minutes reviewing the practice run and making suggestions that are aimed at helping you get through your ICBC motorcycle road test on the first try. We will also provide you with a video of the lesson, with instructor comments, so that you can see first hand where you can improve.

For an overview of what to expect on your road test, review our motorcycle road test tips and strategies post.

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