LEARN TO RIDE Skills Only Course | 6 hours – small group training or 4 hours – private lessons | School Motorcycle Provided

This is designed as a fun, hands-on, learn-to-ride course focused on motorcycle skills and riding techniques. The course takes place entirely in the parking lot, using cones to practice clutch control, braking, turning, obstacle avoidance and more.

For the novice rider who has never been on a motorcycle and is considering whether or not riding is for you, this course will teach you the techniques and fundamentals in class.

It can also be used as a prep course for your ICBC MST, if you have any past riding experience at all, this might be what you need in order to get up to speed for your MST. You can take the class just days before your skills test, or, if you don’t have a motorcycle of your own for the skills test (or no one to accompany you), then, on request, we will deliver the practice bike for your skills test at ICBC for an additional charge.


  • Getting to know your motorcycle – controls
  • Introduction to steering and speed control
  • Introduction to low speed control – use of clutch, throttle & rear brake for speed control & balance
  • Introduction to gear shifting
  • Introduction to braking
  • Introduction to counter-steering
  • Introduction to evasive maneuvers
  • Practice and repetition
  • Putting it all together
  • MST

This course typically takes place between 11am and 5:30pm at SFU on Burnaby Mountain. The small group class runs for 3 hours, then has a 30 minute break, then runs for another 3 hours.

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