LEARN TO RIDE Standard Course | 12 hours | Skills & Safety Training, School Motorcycle Provided

Novice Learn to Ride Course. 12 hours

*Please note – in this course, we do not provide the MST (Motorcycle Skills Test) on-site. We will train you in the skills necessary to pass the test, book your test at ICBC on your behalf, and deliver one of our training bikes to ICBC for your use during the test.

This course starts n the classroom (available in-person or online), focusing on the techniques and fundamentals of riding a motorcycle safely, and then moving out into the parking lot, followed by supervised, instructional street rides.

After reviewing the dynamics of riding, you will then learn to get on and off the motorcycle safely, operate the clutch, get the motorcycle moving and put your feet on the pegs while balancing at lower speeds.

Once you can move the motorcycle under power and balance in a straight line, you will learn to maneuver through cones, turn with confidence and stop the motorcycle.

At the end of the parking lot portion of the course, your instructor will give you a mock test and a marked sheet. Our lead instructor, John Buddo, is an ICBC Certified Motorcycle Skills Assessment Officer. Your marked test sheet will reflect the mark that you would likely have received if you were at ICBC taking the test.

We will then deliver a motorcycle to ICBC on the day of your test, and stay to observe the test.

The road ride portion of your lessons will focus on being visible to other road users, and creating good habits that will keep you safe, and help you pass your road test.

All of our courses can be customized and adjusted according to your needs and schedule, however, a typical schedule for this course might look like this:

  • Thursday evening – 2 Hours Online Theory
  • Saturday at SFU – 6 hours – on-the-bike (Motorcycle safety check, low speed fundamentals, starting your bike, identifying hazards, motorcycle skills practice and drills. shifting gears, braking, hill starts and obstacle avoidance
  • Monday – 2 hour road lesson
  • Tuesday – 2 hour road lesson
  • Wednesday – motorcycle delivered to ICBC for your skills test


Q. Can I take my MST at Urban Rider?

A. Not at this time. In order to conduct the test as part of your course, it is not enough that the instructor is a certified Assessment Officer. The school must be running an approved curriculum that has been audited by ICBC. At this time, we are working with ICBC to schedule that audit as soon as possible and hope to have it completed d-summebefore the summer. If the audit has been completed and the course curriculum approved before your course start date, then we will include the test as part of your course. Otherwise, we will only include a mock test, and will offer the use of a school motorcycle at ICBC for your actual test. ICBC offers the test free of charge.

Q. Where does the training take place?

A. Our classroom is in Burnaby, near Boundary and Canada Way, however we may also offer the classroom sessions at your home or office for your convenience.

The parking lot sessions are offered in various locations in East Vancouver and Burnaby. We have arrangements with several facilities and will book the parking lot based on availability and convenience. Our primary training lot for the winter and early spring is located at 4541 Boundary Rd, Vancouver. April through September, we train at SFU in Burnaby in the North Parking Lot.